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Free shipping for orders SGD$49 and above!
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Incredible Mold Removing Process | Household Cleaning Products | Gong100 Singapore

 YY媽咪 - Diary of a Singaporean Mom

*The mold removing part is really incredible!* 🥳

Featured Products -  

  1. Gong100 Mold Remover Gel
  2. Grease Spot Cleaner
  3. Gong100 Cleaner Kit

Cleaning solutions for every household! Here we have a Singaporean Mommy trying out our products. Get those surfaces clean right now! 💦


Gong100 Grease Spot Cleaner

It is the happiest time to enjoy delicious meals together as a family, but thinking about cleaning up the greasy kitchen gives you headache? 

YY Mommy demonstrates for us that without the use of steel scrubber ball, it is also easy to clean oily surfaces! 

After spraying Grease Spot Cleaner, simply wipe to get the spot clean without scrubbing! 

Gong100 Cleaner Kit

After dealing with the greasy kitchen, it's another nightmare of household cleaning - the Bathroom!  

For stubborn dirt on the sink area, pick up the Professional Sponge & Tongs inside the Cleaner Kit and pair it with Scented Bathroom detergent for easy cleaning! It keeps your hands clean too! 

Gong100 Mold Remover Gel

This is a 'hands free' solution to remove mold, just apply, leave it for around 2 hours and rinse off with water! Yes, no scrubbing required! 

Before using Gong100 Mold Remover Gel


After using Gong100 Mold Remover Gel for about a couple of hours 

The mold disappeared about 80%- 90%!

Effective and satisfied results! ✨


This is really something that you will want to consider for convenient cleaning solutions, especially during this Circuit Breaker period

                                                               -- YY媽咪 - Diary of a Singaporean Mom

For effective and affordable household cleaning products, do visit Gong100 Singapore Official Webstore for more! Free shipping for orders S$49 and above! 

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