4 Effective Cleaning Products to Give You A Cozy and Comfortable Home | A Normal & Gong100 Singapore

4 Effective Cleaning Products to Give You A Cozy and Comfortable Home | A Normal & Gong100 Singapore

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Are you tidying up your house during this Circuit Breaker period? For a cramped closet with overflowing clothes, I am pretty sure you can do the job by sorting out your clothes and re-organizing them. All they take is TIME! However, is it a pain to see your bathroom filled with black mold? No matter how you scrub, they will still be there, not budging at all!ย 

It's important to understand that by sorting out your lifestyle and having a clean and organized home do lift up your mood!ย Here are 4 effective products to help you maintain a comfortable environment!

โžข Gong100 Cleaner Kit

Cleaning the bathroom is always a big challenge!ย Mold in the gaps between tiles, soap scum on the bathtub, and dirt around the faucet are so difficult to cleanโ€ฆ

There are many different brands and types of bathroom cleaners available in the market , it always takes us a long time to decide on one!ย 

GONG100 launched a โ€˜Set of 5โ€™ bathroom cleaning kit, to settle the entire space once and for all!ย 

Whatโ€™s inside the kit?ย 

โ˜… Scented Bathroom Detergentย 

โ˜… Professional Sponge & Tongsย 
โ˜… Strong Mold Remover Gel (this is super easy to use!!!)
โ˜… Water Repellent Agentย 
โ˜… Storage box

This is really a โ€˜must-haveโ€™ in your bathroom!

No need to use a small brush to scrub anymore~ This powerful Mold Remover Gel is really effective! The concentrated gel formula clings on to tiles, silicone around windows, sink area and more to remove mold in the fastest possible way!

ย โžขย Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner

One of the bigger problems in the kitchen is that pot ware and cutlery will accumulate a thick layer of oil stain on the surface after use.

Now with Gong100, you no longer have to scrub so hard to remove those oil stains or burnt marks. Silicon dioxide can effectively remove the stains to make your kitchenware clean and shiny again!ย 

#Gong100 #KitchenwareCleaner

Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner is the solution for troublesome dish washing work!

You can use it on -ย 

Scorched pans โœ“ Oil stains in pots โœ“
Coffee stains on mug or teapot โœ“ Sink drainage area โœ“

How To Use โ–ผ
โ‘  Pour hot water onto the items and sprinkle the powder in an appropriate amount
ย (water temperature above 70 degrees Celsius; use 15g for 1 liter of water)
โ‘ก Wait for about 5-15 minutes to automatically generate foam
โ‘ขGently scrub away the stains with a brush after 5-15 mins, then rinse off with clean water

โžขย ANORMAL Normal Laundry Detergent

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ANORMAL's laundry collection has launched products consisting of EM enzymes for an effective yet safe way of doing laundry. Free of harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances!

Do you know?

"The clothes you've been wearing all day are full of bacteria, and the number of bacteria can be as high as 4 million!"

Using the wrong detergent can actually create more problems, including stain or residue on clothes, odor left behind in the washing machine from trapped residue and it will be worse if it stays on your clothes.ย 

With natural plant surfactants, it is also suitable to use as baby clothes detergent as it is safe for your babyโ€™s sensitive skin!ย  โค

The most powerful thing -- even if the sun is not exposed, the clothes will not smell, but still maintain the freshness of clean laundry!ย 
โžข ANORMAL Normal Laundry Softener

Korea's Hot-Selling Product - It does not only come in a minimalist style in terms of packaging, it is practical and free of harmful chemicals to the human body. People with allergic skin can also use it with peace of mind โ™ก

Instructions -

Add an appropriate amount of ANORMAL laundry softener, and then add 1-10 drops of laundry perfume according to personal preferences, to add a light fragrance to your clothes โ™ก
What is the EM enzyme that has been mentioned in the ANORMAL laundry collection?

EM is a combination of beneficial bacteria for the human body. It is a natural beneficial bacteria group cultured by more than 80 beneficial bacteria.
Because EM will produce effective enzymes, it is very effective for deodorizing, purifying water quality, preventing oxidation, removing old waste and fine heavy metals! At the same time, EM enzyme contains fiber resilience โœ”


Keeping your house neat and tidy not only feels comfortable and looks great, but also gives you a healthier lifestyle!ย 

แƒฆ Put things back in place, put each item in the assigned spot, and place them back immediately after use to reduce the chance of messing up the room.

แƒฆ Put items that are rarely used in enclosed storage boxes to minimize dust accumulation .

แƒฆ Review the items in your home every 1-2 months. Unwanted items should be thrown away or donated immediately.

แƒฆ Regularly organize the refrigerator and discard all expired food.

แƒฆ Add some practical storage boxes to the house to store up the messy clothes.

แƒฆ The most important point to note - stop buying stuff you don't need! :P
Instead of staying at home and scrolling your phone, spend some time looking at your home and think of how you can keep your house organized!ย 
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