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# Clean With Gong100

  • The Better Kitchen Cleaner

    Cleansing wipes safely and remove grease, residue and grime. Can be used to clean the microwave, oven, kitchen stovetop and kitchen grease. You can heat it up and use it as a steam cleaning method, The steam effect cleanly removes even burnt food residue.

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  • Capsule Washer Cleaner

    Deep clean your washing machine in 30 minutes! Effectively remove dirt hidden in the tub of the washing machine and prevents it from transferring bacteria to clothes! Helps the washing machine smell fresh and clean and removes musty smells from the cloth.

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  • Plop Tumbler Cleaner

    Removing stains from glass or stainless steel bottles, cups, mugs, protein shakers, and teapots. Just one tablet to clean, sterilize and deodorize, Remove rotten milk smell out of protein shaker bottle. Use fine air bubbles to clean these corners and effectively eliminate unpleasant odors.

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