Hot summer...all I want is cool clean air from my air conditioner 🥵🌪️

Hot summer...all I want is cool clean air from my air conditioner 🥵🌪️

I believe that in weather like this, air conditioning is a must in most of our homes!

It's too hot outside, you're sweating profusely at home or in your car, and you just want to turn on the air conditioner to cool down...

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But what if the cold air that should be blowing turns into a bad smell?

Not to scare you, but it turns out you may already have bacteria and mould in your air conditioner!!!


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If the air conditioner filter is not cleaned regularly, the interior of the air conditioner will become very dirty, and the cold air blown out will only turn into bacteria...

And you think that if it's just a small thing..'' just a bad smell ''
Then you are wrong because in the long run, the air full of bacteria and mould can actually cause health problems, triggering viruses such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus...  


 We have an easier solution!

Perfectly removes invisible bacteria and removes the musty smell of air conditioners👏


Gong100 Air conditioner deodorant spray

 1. Strong deodorizing effect

Even if the air conditioner is cleaned regularly, there is no way to eliminate the odour of the air conditioner?

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Rather than simply masking odours with an aroma, it fundamentally solves the problem by removing the bacteria that cause odours

🔸 No artificial aroma is added

🔸 Use only safe cypress essential oil

🔸 Eliminates up to 99% of odour

For vent corners that cannot be cleaned normally, just lightly spray to achieve deodorizing effect 🤎


2. Removes 99% of odour-causing bacteria

Every time you turn it on, it spews bacteria into the air. If so, are you exposing yourself and your most vulnerable family members to an environment full of invisible bacteria?

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🔸 Removes 99% of odour-causing bacteria

Perfect removal of even invisible bacteria!


3. Can be used for many purposes

Compared with similar products on the market, our capacity is larger, in addition to being used in home air conditioners, it can also be used in car air conditioners, which is more economical.

500ml capacity is x1.5 larger than other brands

More valuable and suitable for multipurpose use!

I don't want to use any chemical ingredients at home....?

we only make it with natural and safe ingredients!

Spray on the air conditioner deodorant spray, wait for 10~20 minutes to complete the ventilation, and then you can turn on the air conditioner again! 

 Allows you to enjoy clean and cool breeze in different places

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Air Conditioner Deodorant Spray
Only $10.80!!

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