Health flashing red light ??๐Ÿšจ Hazard of Mold in Household and effective way to remove

Health flashing red light ??๐Ÿšจ Hazard of Mold in Household and effective way to remove

Mold are parts of natural environment, but it can be a pain in the ass especially start thriving in a household where there is moisture (kitchen, bathroom, sealent, etc.). Dehumidifiers play a huge role in removing moisture from the environment, but some parts of the area can't be reached or neglected, and mold infestation will start to take place.

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Is mold hazard for human health? The answer definitely a 'Yes'!
Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Allergic responses include hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash (dermatitis), and cause asthma attacks in people with asthma or who has a sensitive respiratory system. (Source from

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Finding the right product to eliminate mold from your household not just money and energy-saving(no abrassive scrubbing required), but saves you lots of time to spend on something else instead of long time cleaning.

Gong100 Mold Remover Gel and Mold Remover Spray have been highly- rated and the effectiveness can be seen within just a couple of hours.

What so special about Gong100 Mold Remover Gel and Mold Remover Spray?
Mold Remover Gel has designed offering endurable smell compared to those from the market and made in gel form to target the affected area easily by squeezing on the area and leaving to soak and activate at least 2 hours and afterward with gentle scrub and rinse away with water. Mold Remover Spray, on the otherhand was designed with dual spray mode, bubble and liquid spray modes allow to target different/larger surface areas easily.

Mold Remover Gel Instructions :
1. First, wipe the area clean by using a piece of tissue paper or cloth
2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of Mold Remover on the area
3. Wait at least 2 hours and wash it off with water/ wipe it off with wet tissue

How to use Mold Remover Spray?
1. Turn the nozzle to 'On' position when in use.
2. Select the type of spray mode you want to use (foam/liquid).
3.Spraying at a distance of more than 40cm from the mold.
4. Wait for 10 mins and scrub the area if necessary. Rinse with water or wipe clean with damp cloth.

With these two powerful weapons, you can use them not just in your shower place, but alsoย wherever you can visibly see mold on sealant (any), washbasin, white wall, washer gasket, tile grouts, window sills, and even on glass.

Chinese New Year is approaching, give yourself a flavor, not just forย own health but also to get rid of all the utterly eyesore molds found around your house makes your home welcoming and attracts the 'Good', cast out the 'Bad'. but also to get rid of all theย utterly eyesore molds found around your house.

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