How to remove bad odors from your kitchen sink and drain?

How to remove bad odors from your kitchen sink and drain?

Always feel that there is a sour smell in the kitchen from time to time, but can't find the source of the smell?

While we wash dishes every day, there is a certain amount of soap and water that flows into your kitchen sink every day, but the dish soap that rinses off and spills from daily use will not help clean your kitchen sink...

Between food particles, stagnant water, and any germs that wash into the sink from your hands, the kitchen sink can be one of the germiest places in your home!

You should clean your kitchen sink daily as part of your daily cleaning routine. If you're on a tight budget, you can always wipe down your sink with some all-purpose cleaner, but following these steps will help keep your sink looking fresh and clean.

So, how do you clean your kitchen sink?

You just need a few simple tips to clean your kitchen sink like a pro. Once you follow this method, you'll have a shiny sink every day.

1. Rinse the sink thoroughly

Before you start cleaning your kitchen sink, rinse off all food, liquids, and debris. After flushing, also clean the drains. Rinsing food and debris out of your sink is a good daily habit, even if you don't have time for a thorough cleaning. With stainless steel sinks, acids and salt from food can damage the surface of the sink.

2. Using drain cleaning product

After cleaning the surface of the drain, just pour it on the drain, then pour about 30L of warm water (40~80ยฐC) on the surface where you poured the cleaner and wait for it to foam. Let it sit for 3-4 hours to do its job, then rinse off.

Gong100 Drain Cleaner

Helps remove odours, bacteria and buildup from kitchen and bathroom drains.ย Micro-foaming functional ingredients help to easily remove impurities and grime from drains,ย prevent bacteria from lingering, and can be used for home, bathroom, shower, toilet, washbasin, and sink drains.

What really makes a difference is the micro-foam used in the drain cleaner, which contains functional ingredients that really help to easily remove impurities and grime from the drain.๐Ÿ‘

Unlike drain cleaners on the market that often come with strong odours and alcohol or chemical ingredients,ย this drain cleaner is designed to be used safely at home. It uses oxygen-based bleach that does not contain harmful gases.

The main ingredients areย Oxygenated Bleach, Baking soda and Citric Acid.ย Which is harmless to the human body, but effective to clean bacteria and odours from drains.๐Ÿ‘Œ

Each box contains 4 individually packed cleaners.ย Easy to use, it doesn't require any tools at all.

3. Sprinkle baking soda down your drain periodically.

Has that smell finally gone? Keep it that way by sprinkling baking soda down the drain regularly to absorb odours. You can do this after washing the dishes or once a week.

4.ย Regular maintenance

If you don't have time to give your sink a thorough cleaning every time you clean the kitchen, at least give it a good wipe down with your favourite all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber towel (or paper towel if you prefer).



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