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[Huh...What?! ‘The washing machine we use everyday is 250x dirtier than the toilet!’ 5 wrong habits that make things worse!]

‘Not sure why recently my laundry is smelly after washing…’
Itching all over after wearing a supposedly clean piece of clothes!’
Am I using the wrong type of laundry products?!
In fact, don’t spend time dwelling on laundry products. They are important but what about other possible factors? Why are the clothes not entirely clean after washing? Wrong method used? Read on to find out how many of these apply to you…
1] Not separating laundry and chunking them together in the washer
Do you find it troublesome? That’s why you toss everything into the washing machine, press ‘START’ and just leave it running? 
That’s totally a ‘NO-NO’! Apart from color-runs, hygiene issues with undergarments shouldn’t be neglected! 
How to improve -
Start with colors, white-colored clothing should be separated from clothes of other colors! For clothes with floral designs or multi-colors, it is best to handwash a little corner to test if colors will appear in water. Do remember to check on the laundry tags attached to the clothes, some will indicate to Wash / Dry-Wash only. Next up, check the pockets to see if there’s tissue / receipts / coins, etc… Otherwise, they may come out in shredded sticky pieces after washing! 
Photo Source: Ylanite Koppens@Pexels
As for undergarments, some people will stick to ‘hand wash’ in order not to make the washing machine dirty. However, if you do an extra step beforehand, you can also wash the undergarments in the washing machine! First, use bleach (ratio against water 1:1000) and let it soak in the washer for half an hour. After you disinfect the washing machine, you can use it to wash the undergarments! 
2] Stuff the washing machine ‘as high as a mountain’
Whether you are thinking of saving the electricity bills or water, if you place too much clothes into the washing machine, part of the clothes will not be cleaned properly during the process! We recommend to fill up just 70% of the machine with your laundry, to leave some space so that the cleansing solution and water will be able to give your clothes a thorough wash! Dumping too much laundry and making it heavy for the machine (while spinning) may shorten the lifespan of the washer.
Photo Source: KoalaParkLaundromat@Pixabay
3] The more laundry detergent, the cleaner it is…?
Most people will pour an amount of laundry detergent ‘based on their feelings’. Some may pour more, thinking that it is cleaner this way...while some may pour just a tiny amount in order to save money on the laundry products. However, as the laundry detergent reaches a certain concentration, the cleansing effect is ‘fixed’. If you pour too much, residues will remain on the laundry, affecting human’s health, such as allergies or infections. Hence, please use the appropriate amount (as suggested by the brand) for the best results.
Photo Source: habelfrank@Pixabay
Are you following the right steps...?
Let me guess…...most of you will first put in the clothes, followed by the washing powder? In this case, this may result in the powder not being able to dissolve and remain on the clothes! The right way if you are using washing powder is to first put some water, followed by the washing powder and start the machine to let it run. As the powder dissolves, then put in the clothes and continue to wash everything. 
4] Closing the lid immediately after the laundry is done…?
This is not the right way, if you close the lid immediately after you remove the washed laundry, the moist environment inside the machine will result in growth of bacteria! It may also affect the functionality of the machine due to the excess moisture. But I’m sure you will ask, if I leave the lid opened, dust and unknown particles will enter the machine, isn’t it worse? We recommend to leave it opened for around 30 mins to 1 hour, especially in hot weather, bacteria grow in fast speed and we will need to leave it opened slightly longer. 
5] How clean is your washing machine…?
You may say, ‘I do wash the machine once in awhile...look! It is clean…’
What we are referring to isn’t the exterior of the machine, but the interior! The machine is usually in a moist condition, dirt from laundry and soap residues will remain in the washing machine! The more you use it, the more these are left inside...contaminating your clothes without you knowing! That’s why sometimes your skin is itchy or there is an unpleasant odor on your clothes…
What should you do? 
1] Hire professionals to open up and give the machine a thorough wash This is perfect to give it proper cleaning, but it’s going to burn a hole in your pocket as the fees start from hundred over dollars! You still have to schedule an appointment with the person, pretty troublesome. 
2] Big towel + White vinegar + Baking soda → This is the common method that you need to spend a bomb on! First, soak the big towel in the white vinegar, toss the towel into the washing machine to spin away water, so that the white vinegar washes every corner of the machine. Fill the machine with water again and let it sit for 30 mins, and finish up the entire wash process. Next up, add baking soda, let it soak in water in the machine for another 30 mins and again, complete the wash process. This is a DIY method, but it is definitely troublesome and time-consuming!
3] Use washing machine cleaning product → Ideal for those who want to keep their washing machines clean on a timely basis by using products with reasonable pricings. Easy to use, saves time and money! 
Today, this is what we recommend to you: Gong100 Washer Cleaner
Take a look at the results ↓
Sold more than 3,500,000 sets in Korea with over 50,000 positive reviews!!
The interior part of the washing machine is so dirty, do you believe it?
This recommended product has strong cleansing powder, look at the grease dissolving comparison against regular baking soda ~
[ Left: Baking soda | Right: Gong100 Washer Cleaner ]
Gong100 Washer Cleaner consists of natural surfactants from plants, making it able to dissolve oil and impurities fast to get rid of germs and bacteria! 
Up to 99.9% antibacterial, prevent growth of mold and use of EM (Effective Microorganisms) for odor elimination! 
How to use (it’s really easy!) -
We recommend to use this once every month!! If you feel that the washing machine is dirty again, you may use it a few more times until the dirt is gone! 
It’s time...get it to ensure proper hygiene and health for you and your loved ones!!!
Try it now! 

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