Is it enough to eat healthy?  Have you wondered how much dishwashing liquid youโ€™ve consumed over the years?!

Is it enough to eat healthy? Have you wondered how much dishwashing liquid youโ€™ve consumed over the years?!

What are the ingredients in regular dishwashing detergents?ย 
A dishwashing solution is made with surfactants to allow water and oil to blend together in order to achieve the cleansing effect. However, most dishwashing solutions in the market are manufactured by the Petrochemical Industry with cheaper synthetic surfactants. Adding fragrances, coloring, fluorescent agents, etc. to create a nice scent while you use the product to wash the dishes! In addition, it is commonly advertised that with thick bubble foam, it helps to make cleaning more convenient and effective. However, invisible residues may still be left on those kitchenware. Some will include antibacterial agents, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms. All these are similar to what can be found in pesticides, potentially bad for the human body.ย 
After much dishwashing liquid have we consumed?
According to research overseas, 0.03% of the dishwashing detergent (which contains petrochemical ingredients) remains on the kitchenware after washing for more than 12 times with water. By having 3 meals a day, it is equivalent to consuming 1 bottle of dishwashing liquid after 3 years!!! There is also a report on dishwashing liquid should be rinsed off with water for more than 35 times to ensure โ€˜zero residueโ€™.
How to choose the right dishwashing detergent?
First, know how to identify the source of surfactants โ†’
Petrochemical Source -
It is difficult to metabolize out of the human body and in the long run, it creates a negative effect on the body and health! Example; Formaldehyde, Triclosan
Natural Source -
This helps to speed up metabolism rate, safe for the human body and skin! Example; Coconut oil extract
Hence, there is no need for me to explain further, I believe you will also pick the Natural Source, right? Up to 65% of dishwashing detergents on the market contain petrochemicals in general, the next 15 to 20% contains petrochemicals partially. It is really difficult to find those that are made of natural sources!!!
Problems with Dishwashing Detergents derived from Petrochemicals
  1. Dry Hands - As your skin is in contact with this kind of solution everyday, it may cause itchiness, redness or cracks on the hands...which can be uncomfortable and painful! The synthetic surfactant may gradually remove the fat protective layer on the skin of your hands, causing lack of moisture that may lead to allergic dermatitis.
  1. ย Destroying Cells of Liver - Anionic surfactants (LAS) can cause liver dysfunction, darkened complexion, spots on live or around the face and eyes.ย 
  1. May cause Anemia - If the LAS in the body increases, the calcium in the blood decreases, making the body acidic. It has a bad influence on the human body.ย 
  1. May cause deformity - If a pregnant woman is exposed to such chemicals for a long period of time, the LAS circulates throughout the body and will also affect the uterus or flow of amniotic fluid. The fetus in the body will then be affected.
  1. Causing harm to the environment - It is everyoneโ€™s responsibility to protect our earth. These synthetic chemicals are difficult to decompose. If they are discharged out along with household wastewater, it may cause ecological changes that will eventually affect the environment and human health.ย 
Which kind of Natural Dishwashing Liquid should you pickโ€ฆ?
Here, we recommend you to use โ†’ Gong100 Dish Soap
It is made of Sodium Sesquicarbonate which is 10 times cleaner and more effectiveย  than baking soda. The crystal structure in this compound forms rich bubble foam, this is something that other Natural Products cannot achieve.
(Left: Natural Dishwashing Liquid (Other Brand) | Right: Gong100 Dish Soap)
EWG Grade 1 Natural Surfactant derived from Coconut Extracts,
100% Natural Ingredients!ย 
With registered patent, one product to wash kitchenware and even fruits and vegetables!ย 
With added Edible Glycerin, it protects the skin of your hands, no more worries when it comes to dishwashing! No gloves required!ย 
How to useย 
๐Ÿ”ฝ Gong100 Dish Soap ๐Ÿ”ฝ
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