Is your bathroom occupied by mold…?! That’s the reason why it isn’t bright and clean like it used to be! This HOT selling product from Korea is highly-raved!

Is your bathroom occupied by mold…?! That’s the reason why it isn’t bright and clean like it used to be! This HOT selling product from Korea is highly-raved!

Still squatting down, holding a brush and scrubbing those blackish mold?! 

Isn’t it tedious?

We recommend this to you GONG100 Mold Remover Gel ❤️
No need to scrub vigorously, just apply it and rinse off with water after 2 hours!

Don’t believe…? Take a look yourself
Mold Remover Gel Korea Official Webstore:

I saw the advertisement on Instagram and was skeptical about it...but since it’s not expensive, I bought one to try! Surprisingly, the result is superb! All I need to do is to apply and rinse off! Really hard to believe that this works as per advertised...just buy and try it!

I bought it without high expectations, but it’s really effective!! I have recommended it to my friends...definitely a must-have at home! I will definitely 100% repurchase this product...any discount?! Haha...😂

Awhile ago, I purchased the Washer Cleaner and it really works...and I saw this Mold Remover product...I wanted to try it too! Those disgusting mold in my bathroom is all gone now! Really great~ I will buy it again…!

Usually I only use bathroom detergent to clean briefly, but sometimes people tend to come over to my house...I’m really embarrassed about this situation...which is why I made my purchase quickly! I applied the gel on the affected area at 8.40am, checked back at 11.20am… a shock that I called my mum to take a look as well! I squeezed a bit too much because it’s my first time using it...haha! Anyway, it’s not for daily use...never mind! I highly recommend this...please try it!” 

Just received the product yesterday and tried it immediately...this is totally crazy!! I never thought that without scrubbing, I can remove those mold! They have been trapped between gaps on the door for a long time…...I’ve shared this product to my line groups!

This is really’s selfish of me not to share it! I passed it to my mum when I went home the other time...simply squeeze out an appropriate amount...wait awhile and rinse off with water...clean like new! There’s no strong chemical smell and the price is reasonable too! There are many times we are cheated by online advertisements, but this one...I have to give it a thumbs up! Stock it up at home…!


I only purchased once because it’s the first time I’m trying it out...the effect is better than I imagined and it’s in a pretty big tube bottle! Saves energy without scrubbing hard...the perfect solution for mold removal!” 

This product is incredible…………….

Tried it just now...I applied it and waited for 2-3 it’s clean after I rinsed off with water! Really satisfied!!

In the beginning, I used it on the tiles...but I forgot to take pictures~ Now I tried it on the sink area, the mold disappeared as well! There’s a bit of a smell, but still not too long it’s effective!

After reading all those reviews...are you curious to try it out?
What is the difference between Gong100 Mold Remover Gel and other cleaning solutions?
This gel-type product can be directly applied to the affected surface when needed, without wasting a bit of it! Remove mold with an effective and hassle-free way!

Unlike the spray-type...the gel does not have a strong pungent you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful chemicals into your body. 

It is really easy to use! 

It is recommended to apply it just before you head to know why? It’s more convenient to wash off directly after you wake up! *Do remember to ensure proper air ventilation in the space*

All those molds, they make your bathroom looks old and dirty!!!

With Gong100 Mold Remover Gel,

it gives you a ‘brand new’ and squeaky clean bathroom! ✨


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