'It's a critical period' We should pay extra attention to every detail! 4 Homecare Tips that you must know!

'It's a critical period' We should pay extra attention to every detail! 4 Homecare Tips that you must know!

In relation to Convid-19, there is an increasing number of cases in countries all over the world. Many companies are starting to get their employees to work from home. Schools are trying out E-learning as well. During this period of time, we tend to stay at home for longer hours. Hence, itโ€™s time for us to pay extra attention to our health and hygiene!

Today, we would like to introduce GONG100, a home care and lifestyle brand from Korea. What should you do to make your time at home more comfortable and safe?

1) Washing Machine Cleaning

Itโ€™s a little secret for most of us and that is...we donโ€™t always wash our clothes after wearing just ONCE...right? Especially outerwear and jeans, but during this sensitive period, it is recommended to wash our clothes frequently. This is to reduce the risk of germs spreading, prevent skin diseases and body odor!ย 

Picking up expensive laundry detergent and softener, is that really enough? Whenโ€™s the last time youโ€™ve cleaned up your washing machine? It has been serving you and your family for months...or years? If itโ€™s dirty, your clothes will not be clean no matter how many times you wash them! It's not just about odor; laundry detergent, fabric softener residues and dirt stuck in the washtub can get on your clothes and leave behind weird smell and stains.ย 

This is something that many people overlook. If you haven't wash your washing machine recently, then maybe your washing machine may look like this. . .๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

The washing machine we use every day is actually 250 times more dirty than the toilet! Professor Kim, a doctor in Seoul Hospital, said that โ€œthe bacteria attached to the internal washing machine tank may cause skin allergies, dermatitis, or even respiratory diseases.โ€ย 

๐Ÿ’›GONG100's Best Seller [Washer Cleaner] is often sold out! Sold more than 6 million sets in Korea! Now, letโ€™s take a look at some of the reviews on Gong100 Singaporeโ€™s Official Webstore!

Here are 3 reasons why you have to use this product by Gong100 -ย 

  1. โœ…Strong Cleansing Power
  2. โœ…Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Anti-Mildew
  3. โœ…Strong Odor Elimination

Gong100 Washer Cleaner helps remove 99.9% bacteria and mold from the washing tub! You should be cleaning your washing machine AT LEAST once a month, especially if you want to prevent musty odor and keep your clothes in tip-top condition.

Instructions -
Suitable for regular washing machines or tumbling-box washing machines. Pour it directly into the washing tub, add warm water and wait for the product to dissolve completely. Let it sit for 1 to 1.5hours, then turn on the washing machine to operate as per normal and complete the washing function ( Wash - Rinse - Spin - Dry ).

Gong100 Washer Cleaner (4 packets/box)


2) Cleaning the Microwave

Most of us choose to take away or stay home to cook these days. This prevents getting in contact with the virus at public places . Microwave is an essential household appliance for most families... whether itโ€™s for warming up milk for the baby, reheating yesterdayโ€™s leftover, or heating up the food you just bought home.

Despite being useful, the microwave can carry lots of germs that you cannot see from your naked eyes...๐Ÿค’ย Food and sauces splattering all over the microwave may look horrible and smell bad at the same time! For your health and safety, please do clean it up regularly to prevent growth of bacteria.ย 

GONG100's Microwave Cleaner is specially designed for this aspect. Put it into the microwave , heat up and achieve the steaming effect for one minute! The cleansing solution will then activate and help to clean every corner of the appliance with the steam.

Two features of Gong100 Microwave Oven Cleaner -

  1. โœ…A natural disinfectant, Citric Acid helps remove bacteria and smell
  2. โœ…No weird odor, but leave behind a mild lavender scent

Individually packed in a box of 4, which makes them more hygienic and not affect the scent (e.g. scent getting lighter over the days).

ย Gong100 Microwave Oven Cleaner (4 packet/box)

3) Clean up every corner in the bathroom

What products have you used to clean the bathroom?

Cleaning is not an easy task with those dirty gunks hidden in the bathroom. Are you stocking up products such as Cleaning Detergent, Bleach, Gloves, Towels, Toilet brushes, etc?ย 

Do you know that the bacteria remains in the bathroom after each use? Itโ€™s because youโ€™re placing the cleaning tools back at the same spot! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

With an effective tool on hand, it is going to make the cleaning process a lot easier!ย 

Gong100 Bath Stick Cleaner -

Stop bending over with discomfort, simply clean while you stand upright! The brush head with a lemon scent is dissolvable in water, just use and toss it straight into the toilet bowl. No more bacteria staying on the brush! It is also adjustable; up to 64cm*, to reach every corner of your bathroom!ย 

Three features of Gong100 Bath Stick Cleaner -

  1. โœ…Easy to use
  2. โœ…No need any detergentย 
  3. โœ…Adjustable lengthย 

Other than the toilet bowl , use it to wipe any areas filled with dirt in the bathroom, including the gap between the drainage area, washbasin, tiles and also ceiling with water stains. *Are you thinking of how to clean up the washbasin after cleaning the toilet bowl? Walao, so dirty!* โœ… In fact...you can clean up other areas first and leave the last to the toilet bowl...๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™ A small brush VS the whole bathroom!ย 

Gong100 Bath Stick Cleaner / (1 set with Brush 1EA, Tile hook 1EA, Replaceable brush head 8EA)


4) Keep things dry and fresh

Mold can grow easily on clothes and fabrics if there is too much moisture at home. Clothes made of cotton or other organic materials are great food sources for mold and mildew to live on. Mold can be hazardous to your health. Most people think mold only grows on fabrics, but actually they can appear on several surfaces, like shoes and cabinets!ย 

There are many different dehumidifiers on the market, butย  most of them include โ€˜Calcium Chlorideโ€™. This chemical is a dangerous substance to have within your home. According to Professor Luo Wenjun of the Department of Respiratory and Thoracic Surgery at Jianyang University Hospital said that "Calcium chloride used for snow removal may be inhaled into the respiratory system after it has been stained on shoes or clothes, causing bronchial inflammation and other symptoms".ย 

BUT, where to find a safer dehumidifier option?

Check out Gong100 Silica Gel Desiccant. It comes in 8 packets/box. Don't think that the small sachet will run out quickly, it is actually a reusable product! Putting them (after absorbing moisture and turning dark green) into a microwave to heat it up and it will be like new (turn back to orange) once again! You may reuse them over and over again, very suitable for those who seek environmental protection!

Three features of Gong100 Silica Gel Desiccant -

  1. Determine when to replace just by looking at it
  2. Cost-friendly as they can be used for a long period of time
  3. Safe product that causes no harm to our health

Gong100 Silica Gel Desiccant has obtained the EU REACH Safety Certificationย โœ… It is a safe dehumidifier when in contact with clothes and shoes, so it's time to let it take care of your wardrobe!

Gong100 Silica Gel Desiccant (8 packets/box)

Don't ignore all these details in our daily lives, they really do matter! ๐Ÿค— Follow these simple steps to maintain cleanliness at home for a hygienic and healthy environment during this period. Do take care and stay safe! โค๏ธ

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