Mold is floating  everywhere in the air, but you can't see it!

Mold is floating everywhere in the air, but you can't see it!

According to the medical research, the impact of humid environment on health has been confirmed. In general, 40~60% humidity is the most comfortable state.ย  At Singapore, when it does not rain during afternoon, the average relative humidity is between 65% and 70%, and in the morning, the average humidity is over 90% !

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If humidity is high, molds and dust mites are easy to breed, which may induce respiratory symptoms such as allergies, asthma, and sinusitis.

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ย When air pressure or humidity changes too much, your body will feel unwell. And if you live in a humid house for a long time, humidity will slowly invade your body, which may cause disorders of the body, bad sleeping quality, and skin changes, becomes dim and rough...

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When your house starts to appear black mold!ย Don't ignore it !
Mold will float in the air, you may have inhaled it a lot without knowing it


There are 3 ways to deal with humanity problem at home โ–ผ

(1) Keep the home ventilated, do not stack too many things indoors,
use a dehumidifierย 

Let the air circulate and disperse the odor in the room.
Open window, maintain a well-ventilated space, let the sun shine sterilize and accelerate the evaporation of water vapor.
Keep ventilated even in a rainy days ~

Fungi cannot grow in humidity less than 60%, but anything above will give mold the perfect environment to thrive. These spores affect the health of mold sensitive people by contributing to nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, and sometimes, fever and shortness of breath.

โ€ป Remember to close the doors and windows while using the dehumidifier to avoid the exchange of hot and cold air inside and outside

(2) Wardrobes and shoe cabinets humid can easily breed bacteria and
stimulate to form the mold

Closed wardrobes, shoe cabinets etc. are the easiest place to damp and odor โ–ผ

GONG100 Silica Gel Desiccant, a bag containing 10 sachets, you can choose the space you want to place. It has a small volume and can be easily placed in a drawer. It is also a very suitable size in shoes ! With a strong deodorizing effect~

Generally, the ingredient of dehumidifier is calcium chloride, which is used to remove snow. However, the study pointed out that particles contaminated by calcium chloride may cause skin diseases or diseases in the eyes.

Calcium chloride, which can corrode roads and cars, pollute water and soil.
Are you rest assured to set it in your living space?

Silica Gel Desiccant will change color according to the humidity, so you can clearly identify the time to change โ–ผ

After the Silica Gel Desiccant is placed under the sun or heated in microwave, it can be reused like a new one~

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(3) You should clean your house mold as soon as possibleย 

You think it just stays where it is, but it floats in the air

The smell of mold causes asthma, as well as allergic reactions and coughing symptoms. People with sensitive trachea need to pay more attention!!

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Donโ€™t ignore them anymore~

But when it comes to removing mildew, you directly think of holding a toothbrush and trying to brush it, right?

You donโ€™t need to work so hard now, letโ€™s see the effect firstโ–ผ

How can this happen?
Just squeeze it on the mold spot and wait for 2 hours ~

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