Mold, Moisture and Your Home: What you need to know๏ผŸ

Mold, Moisture and Your Home: What you need to know๏ผŸ

Mold and mildew can grow on almost everything! From walls, clothes, books, toys, cushions and leather accessories to your shoes. It can go from the biggest thing in the house to the little thing without us noticing, and it can turn your living space into a bacterial environment.

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What should I do to prevent mold growth in my home?

The key to preventing mold growth is identifying and controlling moisture and moisture problems. Mold spores are everywhere, and common sources of moisture are:

  • Leakage from pipes, tanks, drains
  • Penetrating dampness from the walls
  • Internal building defects or other sources
  • Wet basements and crawl spaces
  • Steam from the bathroom or kitchen
  • Condensation on cold surfaces
  • Humidifier
  • Hang wet clothes indoors to dry
  • Indoor ventilation dryer
  • Poor or improper ventilation of heating and cooking appliances

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You can usually see or smell mold problems. Mold may appear as fuzzy, discolored, or slimy patches that get larger as they grow.

Most molds will have a musty smell, which is the first sign of a problem. They can grow anywhere with adequate moisture or moisture problems. The best way to look for mold is to look for signs of mold growth, water stains, warping, or odors under the nose to find the source of the smell.

It may be necessary to look behind and under surfaces such as carpet, wallpaper, cabinets and walls. Certain areas of the home are always prone to mold growth and should be controlled as part of daily cleaning. these are:

  • Drawers and cabinets that are not opened for a long time
  • Bathrooms; especially showers, bathroom tiles and shower curtains
  • Gap and seals for windows, sashes and doors
  • Refrigerator door seal
  • Surfaces on and around air conditioners

Mold can cause health problems, especially in people with allergies, existing respiratory problems, or a weakened immune system.

To prevent mold in your space, be sure to:

  • Open windows, use fans, or both to ventilate the living room
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air
  • Do not accumulate any moisture in the space
  • Dry up any condensation you find on the walls and windows
  • Regularly clean and dry bathroom, window gaps, stove tops, microwaves, counters, cabinets and windowsills etc
  • Clean the inside of the refrigerator and the refrigerator drip tray frequently
  • Make sure your household humidity stays low
  • Ensure that fabric couches and curtains stay clean and dry
  • Repair any roof leaks as soon as possible


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No one wants mold to grow in their home. Still, many people are unaware of the various common places to check for mold at home.

If you find mold in your home, cleaning them right away is the best way to prevent them from growing and reduce the spread of bacteria in every space in your home.

Korea-Made Gong100 mildew remover products with low pungent smell, special powerfully permeation formula, strong penetration inside the mildew.

Usually, spray-type remover can treat almost any surface, but if your mold is growing on walls or ceilings and the spray bubbles won't stick to them, then you'll need a more suitable option.

This combination has 2 different mold removers, one is a spray type and the other is a gel type, making it easier for you to clean the mold and use it in different places. And the price is very budget-friendly too.

This strong mold mildew remover kit is our best pick, not only does it remove stains in 15 mins, it doesn't require any scrubbing, sanding or brushing, so it's super easy to use.

It works on most surfaces, including wall, concrete and tile, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The formula promises to be five times stronger than other products, so if you have stubborn stains, this kit is your best friend.


Seeing these results, you know it really gives 100% satisfaction!

1.ย Easily remove mold near sinks

2.Easily remove stubborn back mold stains on walls

3.ย Can clean almost any very stubborn mold

4.ย Even stains on the drain of the sink can be easily cleaned

We tried it ourselves, the cleaning power of the gel is more concentrated than the spray, the spray is great for cleaning large areas, and the gel is great for cleaning wall gaps, but if you have stubborn stains just won't give up, a second application will usually get the job done.




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