Must do steps to create the Ideal healthy kitchen environment!

Must do steps to create the Ideal healthy kitchen environment!

The kitchenย is often consideredย to be the heart of the home.ย Most of our daily activities, like prepare meals, eating, drinking, socializing take place in the kitchen. Which is why a beautiful and functional kitchen is so important.ย 

Energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals are also important if you want to have a truly healthy kitchen. Fortunately, making the right choices for your well-being is also good for the pocket and the planet.

Take a look at these tips you should take note for creating a better kitchen environment and without hurting your pocket so much! :)

Create the perfect cooking environment with these simple kitchen tips:

1.Quality over quantity

Choose better quality kitchen cookware and utensils that stand the test of time and won't have to be thrown away with your leftover old heavy casserole pot.

Likewise, choose sturdy utensils rather than cheap ones; low-quality wooden spoons, for example, can rot or grow mildew, and plastic will melt if you leave it on the stove too long. Buy high-quality knives that you can sharpen by hand, and use long-lasting kitchen towels instead of towel paper.

2.Water Filters

Most people find it hard to put up with the taste and odor of tap water. that pass through old pipes. Who wants to drink/uses water to wash the vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of germs or dirt?ย The good news is, you donโ€™t have to. As small as they may look, the best faucet water filters will get the problem solved.

Choose faucet mount filters that can be installed directly onto your tap. Water is filtered as you open it, and comes out of the tap purified. This is much faster, cheaper, and a whole lot more convenient.

Most faucet filters are modest in size and extremely easy to install, making them a great choice for apartment renters. Theyโ€™re also well-loved items among travelers who want a simple way to ensure water quality wherever they stay.

Here are our picks for the Best Faucet Water Filter!

Puresome Kitchen

Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen gives you smooth and strong water pressure as you are doing the dishes!ย 

Clean water for cooking or drinking with the filter that blocks out rust, heavy metals, and other impurities! Also, there are 510 micro-holes to help save water and boost the water pressure. The device offers 3 types of spray setting- The button on the faucet can adjust the spray setting to meet the needs.

โœ”ย Simply monitor and change the filter easily every 1-2 months!


3. Poor Ventilation(Air quality)

If youโ€™ve ever walked into someoneโ€™s home and smelled last nightโ€™s fish lingering in the air, youโ€™ll understand the importance of good ventilation.

An inexpensive ventilation system simply circulates dirty, stale air, while a good ventilation system will improve the quality of your indoor air. It also helps keep your kitchen cleaner and extends the life of your appliances.

But, we know a good ventilation system can be a big investment, and for those who apartment renters it's not a good choice.ย 

So, here are our picks for the replacement solution!

Safety Home Care Spray

It can be used in multiple areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and even just spray it to your mattress, shoes, and carpets.

This is unlike ordinary air fresheners, it comes with an antibacterial effect and is made of safe ingredients. No more unpleasant smell and helps get rid of bacteria effortlessly!ย As always, good hygiene is important especially we talking about the kitchen!

4. Clear glass jars for storage

Clear class jars are a great way to store dry ingredients like flours, grains and legumes. or even garlic and chilis. Place them on your worktops or on shelving near the cooking area.

This way, theyโ€™re easy to hand, and you know exactly how much of each ingredient you have left.

To prevent bacteria from growing and spreading in your kitchen, it is important to clean any chopping boards, cookware, and other surfaces that come into contact with food, especially raw meats. Proper cleaning requires a good cleaning product that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

You are likely to touch the fridge and door handles, the oven, the microwave, the kitchen tap, and the sink area when you are preparing food. Remember to clean these well too.

Oh! a friendly reminder !
Wash your dishcloths

Damp cloths, sponges, and tea towels are perfect places for bacteria to grow. If they are not kept clean, they will spread the bacteria wherever you use them.

โˆŽIf youโ€™ve used a cloth to wipe up after raw meat or vegetables, then replace it straight away with a clean one.

โˆŽIf your dishcloth smells, then itโ€™s time to change it.

You can use a hot wash in the washing machine, or boil them in water for 15 minutes with Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner!

Kitchenware Cleanerย 

Gong100 Kitchenware Cleaner known to remove stubborn stains on kitchenware! Helps remove stubborn stains, with Silicon dioxide and consists of beneficial microorganisms EM, that able to sterilization and free of any harmful chemicals.

You can use it at :
*Scorched Pot
*Disinfecting Tableware
*Washing White-Colored Clothes
*Steam the Rag
*Oil Stains
*Regain the glossiness of Glasses or Stainless Steal

6.Invest in chemical free & natural cleaning product

Dish soap play an important role in keeping utensils and plates clean, especially during a time when most folks are eating at home more than usual.

ย 100% Safe and Non-Toxic Ingredients

Gong100 Dish Soap

- Wash Kitchenware to Fruit & Vegetables!

- With the key Sodium Sesquicarbonate

- From kitchenware to fruits & vegetables

- Rich and thick bubble foam for the strong cleansing power

- Minimize irritations on the skin due to the added 'Glycerin' that is actually edible

- Don't have to worry about dry and rough hands!

a key part of maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle for all the family.

As the kitchen is such an important area, it makes sense to keep it as organized and family-friendly as possible!

Transform your living environment with BODYLUV & Gong100 :)

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