The big amount of laundry during the stay-home days? Prepare this step before washing to help reduce the growth of bacteria!

The big amount of laundry during the stay-home days? Prepare this step before washing to help reduce the growth of bacteria!

In this special period, apart from going to work, school, and shopping, we spend more time at home than ever before...

After you return home from your weekly supermarket run, do you throw your clothes straight into the laundry machine to avoid picking up the virus?

In the past few months, do you think the amount of laundry has increased?

Many germs can be transmitted via contaminated clothing and towels.
It is important for us to wash clothes more frequently than before

Even if you rely on a washing machine to clean towels, clothes and sheets, it needs to be cleaned from time to time to function well. It does not just smell: residual washing powder, fabric softener, and dirt sticking to the dispenser, internal parts, and washing tub can deposit on clothes, leaving marks and stains.

The internal part of your washing machine might be...

Imagine you use "this" to wash clothes every day?๐Ÿ˜จ

If you ever smell an old, musty smell in your clothes or washing machine drum when you transfer your clothes, your dirty washing machine may be the culprit.๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

You should clean the washing machine deeply once a month and take these simple steps after each load to help keep it fresh and clean.

Regular washing of the washing machine can not only keep it clean, but also prevent the growth of bacteria.ย 

It time for you to try Gong100 Washer Cleaner!
(4 packets/box_Each packet 150g)
Suitable for top load and front load washing machines. Same instructions applied to both top and front load washing machine.

Hot-selling washing washer cleaner saves many people from worrying about internal contamination of the washing machine!

GONG100 Washer Cleaner is very simple to use :

โ†“Curious about your washing machine? You can check it during the cleaning process to see..the amazing result! XD

โ†“Get rid of dirt and impurities trapped within the washing machine tankโ†“

Photo credit: customer @YL C**ng


After giving your washing machine a deep clean

When going back to your regular laundry routine, what detergent do you use to wash your clothes?

Have you tried laundry capsules yet?

It is also a laundry line product launched by Gong100
Space-saving packaging, pleasing appearance design, and functional yet very easy to use capsule detergent!

X 6 times high concentration capsule

(The white model is for daily deep cleaning, the blue model is low irritation and is used for protective fabrics)

Only one laundry capsule is needed for every 6 kg of clothing; Two capsules above 6kg. Both top-load / front load washing machine can be use



Gong100 Capsule Detergent

-6 times super concentrated Capsule Detergent

-Microplastic/Allergen FREE

Two options: Deep clean & wool care



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