Still ignoring your messy bathroom?  You may be chasing away all the ใ€ŒGood Luckใ€!

Still ignoring your messy bathroom? You may be chasing away all the ใ€ŒGood Luckใ€!

There is an interesting research done by the Government of Japan.
We spend about 11 months in the toilet over the course of a lifetime.
Based on the statistics of annual income, those who clean their bathrooms regularly earn an average annual income of 5.42 million Japanese Yen (SGD $69,544) and those who have dirty bathrooms have an annual income of around 4.54 million Japanese Yen (SGD $58252), a difference of SGD$ 11,292!ย 
According to Feng Shui writer, Yumiri Naoi and her book <Summoning fortune by cleaning the bathrooms>, the cleanliness of the bathroom affects the entire fortune and luck of people living under that roof! In addition,ย  one must always be positive when doing such household chores to improve luck! Hence, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up your messy bathroom!ย 
What's your reaction when you hear, โ€œTime to wash the toiletโ€...?
Looking at all these, do you feel like giving up right away?!?!
What if, you can have this Minimalist set?
Not only can it gives you the motivation to start cleaningโ€ฆ
You may store all the products in this storage box...isnโ€™t it convenient and neat?!
Here, let me explain to you more about Gong100 Cleaner Kit!
This entire kit consists of the following...โ†“
ITEM 01: Scented Detergent
99.8% Odor Elimination
99.9% Antibacterial
Strong cleansing power!
Use of safe ingredients such as Citric Acid, Baking Soda, etc. that will not irritate the eyes or affect the respiratory system while using it. It comes along with a light floral fragrance to help boost your mood! ๐Ÿ˜‰
This value kit comes with sponge and tongs so that you don't have to use your bare hands to touch those filthy parts!ย 
ITEM 02: Mold Remover Gel
With this, you no longer have to hold the toothbrush and scrub those little corners while squatting down! Stop wasting your energy and time! Simply squeeze out an appropriate amount on the area with mold, leave it on for around 2 hours and rinse them off with water...DONE!
How is this different from other Mold Removers that you can get elsewhere?
This has lesser active Chlorine content as compared to other products!ย 
Without strong chemical smell, it helps to reduce respiratory problems!
Getting rid of those stubborn mold can be that easy!ย 
ITEM 03: Water Repellent Agent
Just got your bathroom cleaned up? But it is still not sparkling cleanโ€ฆ? โœจ
Maybe water stains are causing this issue!
Use this product along with the microfiber cloth (provided) and coat a protective surface!ย 
Why are there water stains?
Water contains Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, etc. These will remain on the surface after evaporation, causing white water stains.ย 
Prevent water stains on various areas, such as the Mirror, Sink, Toilet bowl or Bathtub!ย 
Take a look at the difference (with & without)! ๐Ÿ‘€
*Use once and the effect is able to last for around 4 weeks*
It is said that people who tidy up their house or bathroom are attentive and have great social relationships with others!
Perhaps, due to such personality traits,ย 
these people have higher chances of getting promoted or a raise in salary!ย 
Change your habits now! It may make a difference in your life!
๐Ÿ”ฝ Gong100 Cleaner Kitย ๐Ÿ”ฝ
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