Successful Spring Cleaning✔️ These cleaning hacks, products, and tricks will get your home sparkling!

Successful Spring Cleaning✔️ These cleaning hacks, products, and tricks will get your home sparkling!

The Lunar New Year is approaching, everyone will be busy listing to-do items, checking twice, stocking up all the necessities of life, and completing the spring cleaning from floor to ceiling. In order to make this year's deep cleaning your most efficient job so far, we have compiled some of the most important spring cleaning tips ever.


These products and methods will definitely save you time and prevent you from cleaning every inch of land in your home. Whether your spring cleaning is a marathon throughout the weekend or multiple cleaning activities after getting off work, these tips and tricks can complete the work faster and allow us to refresh our home in a more effective way!


Clean up the rooms one by one

Approaching your house room by room is the most effective way to deep clean it. Create a cleaning checklist for each room to help you organize and remind you of areas that require special attention. Feel free to skip the recently cleaned area and focus on the neglected part of your home 1st.


Minimize cleaning products

If you need to buy new cleaning products for spring cleaning, please reduce your items to a minimum. Countless cleaning supplies can cause unnecessary confusion, and you may not need all the cleaning supplies to keep your home fresh and clean. Choose some cleaning products with strong cleaning ability and microfiber cloth or sponge.

Here we recommend some cleaning products made in Korea,

which can provide effective cleaning results.

Use this effective cleaning powder to deep clean your coffee cup

When cleaning mold in the bathroom, it is best to use products that are effective and safe for humans, as regular mold remover sprays can contain strong toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies

To make a home grease FREE,  you can never forget to use a safe and effective product to remove the burnt grease from the bottom of your pan!

Speaking of cleaning, you can't forget the cooking stove we use to cook all kinds of dishes every day! Here we found a really good stuff to remove grease and stains that build up on cooking stove.

Does your laundry always smell or get dirty? It may be because the washing machine has not been cleaned for a long time! If you clean the laundry tub regularly, you will feel more at ease when doing laundry~


Organize and clear clutter

One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is usually getting rid of the clutter. It's easy to turn your attention to those fond memories by organizing old letters or small gifts, etc., so we recommend you draw a line when organizing those distracting clutter. It is time to throw anything that does not bring positive emotions and has not been used for more than half a year. Sort your belongings into four categories - trash, give away, store or put away.


Consider different labeling and storage systems

Once you're done cleaning, you may want to set some organizational issues in your home to make future cleaning easier. And storage and labeling is a matter of personal preference, you need to consider your priorities before doing so. And using boxes inside drawers and on shelves can help you divide up your storage space to store different items, but still keep things at a glance.



Most importantly, limit clutter as much as possible. The best way to do this is to get into the habit of resetting your home at the end of the day, putting items where they belong so things don't pile up and become difficult to clean or organize.

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