The Mold Removing Process is Really Incredible |  YY Mommy - Diary of a Singaporean Mom | Gong100 Review

The Mold Removing Process is Really Incredible | YY Mommy - Diary of a Singaporean Mom | Gong100 Review

 YY Mommy- Diary of a Singaporean Mom

*The mold removing part is really incredible*

Feature Product: 

Gong100 Mold Remover Gel / Grease Spot Cleaner / Gong100 Cleaner Kit

Cleaning solutions for every household! Here we have a Singaporean Mommy trying out our products. Get those surfaces clean right now! 


Grease Spot Cleaner

Having a headache just by thinking of the pots and pans in the kitchen? It's all the aftermath work after whipping up a table of delicious meal! 

YY Mommy is going to demonstrate to you how to use convenient cleaning products to keep the house clean and tidy! This product is able to remove grease stains without the need to scrub using a steel scrubber ball! 

After spraying this Grease Spot Cleaner, you can remove oil stains on surfaces easily!

Bathroom -

After dealing with the stubborn oil stains, now it's time to clean up the filthy bathrroom...


For dirt stucked on the tap faucets, sink or toilet bowl...Simply use the Professional Sponge & Tongs included in the Gong100 Cleaner Kit to wipe them off! 

Pair it with the Scented Bathroom detergent...Oh! You will not dirty your hands because you have the tongs! ^^

(Cleaner kit includes this sponge to remove stains easily with gentle scrubbing)


Best-Seller of Gong100 - Mold Remover Gel; The ability to get rid of stubborn and disgusting mold by just applying and rinsing off with water! 


Before using mold remover gel


After using Mold remover gel for 8 hours

The mold disappeared about 80%- 90%

Effective and satisfied results <3


This is really something that you will want to consider for convenient cleaning solutions, especially during this Circuit Breaker period

                                                               -- YY Mommy- Diary of a Singaporean Mom


Looking for affordable and effective bathroom cleaning products?

Try this 

GONG100 Mold Remover gel /Grease Spot Cleaner / Cleaner kit

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