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Free shipping for orders SGD$49 and above!
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Ultra-lightweight bathroom slippers prevent slipping and provide enough comfort and support!

Nowadays, people can find many different materials for slippers on the market.

We must study which materials are good for ourselves and also the family, which materials help prevent falls, which materials are the most comfortable, etc. People usually choose softer slippers but remember that it must make the foot feel soft and comfortable, but it also must be strong enough to prevent from breaking or prevent it from not giving enough support.

The bathroom floor is slippery, so you should pay more attention to the material of the slippers you choose.

Choosing The Right Slipper

Made from durable high-grade EVA, makes it very lightweight and durable, supportive and comfortable!

Airy bathroom slippers
01 | Lightweight
02 | Quick-drying
03 | EVA material (elastic polymer)
04 | Anti-slip design

It's super soft and flexible, the design is perfect to fit your feet shape and lets you enjoy the comfort after a long day of work.

Light EVA material is used, which is "rubber-like" in softness and flexibility. 

Outsoles are made with special nonslip material, It does not easily slip on the wet floor, keeping you and your family safe.


Non-slip bottom detail - Reduce the risk of slipping in the bathroom

The striping pattern design of the soles can achieve dry quickly and keep your feet dry.

With 16 drain holes, it is specially designed for draining
EVA material that doesn't absorb water

It's suitable for indoor bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, spas, gyms, swimming pools, leisure, public showers, steam rooms, (almost anywhere)

To keep your foot safety without slide after shower 


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