Don't be a ‘couch potato’ anymore! There are 3 major crises in your living space and it's not too late to resolve now!

Don't be a ‘couch potato’ anymore! There are 3 major crises in your living space and it's not too late to resolve now!

After a long and busy day, you just want to be a ‘couch potato’ as soon as you get home. In fact, there are many areas in your home that require cleaning and proper management...are you sure they are clean just because you can’t see those dirt and bacteria…?

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At least, you have to consider the following three details first, before continuing your ‘couch potato’ status, so that you will feel more at ease~

Otherwise, it will affect your health or reduce the quality of life!

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No. 01: Are the sheets and mattresses really clean? Always feel itchy whenever you wake up?

In fact, you know that bed sheets and mattresses need to be cleaned regularly, but it is not easy to do so...due to ‘laziness’...

As everyone knows, it is very likely that your bed has been occupied by…...!! There are more "bed partners" who you don't even know 😱😱😱

Let me tell you a little secret, something that you can use if you are too lazy to clean up frequently! Of course, I is really easy to use! 

A Normal Homecare Spray

It is easy to use, just press the nozzle and spray it!!!

Can be used on the bed, sofa, etc.

Plus, curtains and the bathroom to eliminate unpleasant smell and bacteria!!

In short, spray it on any area where you feel uneasy or want to eliminate unpleasant odor! Two selections available (ZERO - Lavender scent / LAUNDRY - Softener scent). Both of them smell amazing!!! The smell is not overwhelming, so do not worry!

I can sleep at ease after spraying A Normal Homecare Spray ❤️


🔻A Normal Homecare Spray🔻


No. 02: Is the interior of the washing machine clean? Why do clothes smell and cause itchiness after washing? 

Did you even check on the interior of the washing machine? Or did that a long time ago? 

You must be thinking that the most important thing is to clean your clothes, who cares about the washing troublesome >_<

However, the interior may be full of dirt and mold and you are using that to wash your clothes!


There are many ways to clean the washer, you can refer to this article: [Huh...What?! ‘The washing machine we use everyday is 250x dirtier than the toilet!’ 5 wrong habits that make things worse!]

Some methods are too time consuming and costly, while some do not cost money but instructions are not clear how?!

Let me introduce this to you: GONG100 Washer Cleaner

The instructions are really simple; Tear open one packet of Washer Cleaner and pour it straight into the washing machine, soak it with warm water of around 40°C for 1-1.5 hours and run it once in accordance with the general washing procedure. It is best to do regular cleaning once every 1-2 months!

Let’s take a look at the result! ↓

Sold more than 3,500,000 sets in Korea and received more than 50,000 5-star reviews online! 

In actual fact, the washing machine and the internal filter that we use daily, is known to be 250 times dirtier than the toilet! 

This product has a strong cleansing power. Please refer to the Oil Decomposition Comparisons below (with other cleanser). 

Left - Baking Soda (Regular Cleanser)    Right - GONG100 Washer Cleaner

GONG100 Washer Cleaner contains natural plant-based surfactants, which can decompose water and grease and discharge them together with water.

It also has an antibacterial and anti-mold effect of up to 99.9%. Using EM (Effective Microorganism) to get rid of unpleasant smell effectively! 


🔻Gong100 Washer Cleaner🔻


No. 03: How often do you clean your bathroom and change the toilet brush?

Do you know that the toilet brush with used bristles is a breeding ground for bacteria? 

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Everytime after using the toilet brush, you just put back on the brush holder. The speed of bacteria reproduction is really scary! 

Some people may say, "It's a waste to change the toilet brush. It still looks pretty good what..."

But for the health of you and your family, it is best to disinfect and put it back after each use!

Or...changing the toilet brush every six months to one year is the best way to maintain better hygiene~

Lastly, if you find both of the above methods troublesome to follow or remember...

You can consider this!!! >>> GONG100 Bath Stick Cleaner

This product is probably a combination of the mentioned methods above. The brush heads are disposable and can be thrown away after each use. It can be dissolved in water and can throw directly into the toilet bowl. No growth of bacteria after each use! Reduce the amount of bacteria in your bathroom now! 

Worried that it’s such a waste to throw one brush head after each use? No worries, one brush head can be used to clean multiple areas, just use them according to where you think is not so dirty to the dirtiest...and toss it away!

The design of the stick is retractable and you do not have to bend over or climb too high up. The stick can reach up to 64 cm!

After using the Bath Stick Cleaner, you can hang at the bathroom corner with the hook provided! It looks neat and minimalistic.

Try GONG100 Bath Stick Cleaner!

Clean without worrying about bacteria growth! :) 


🔻Gong100 Bath Stick Cleaner🔻


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